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Roland Surm

At the age of 12 I bought my first camera - at that time an analog camera with film. Even then I was fascinated by how you can freeze the moment with just the "push of a button". Little by little I gained experience in photography and 10 years later I bought my first Canon SLR camera.

A completely different dimension of the image results became visible. Now the urge to achieve better and better results was even greater - and I succeeded.

In 2011 the time had come: SONY was on the advance in many test results, which for me was a purchase of the mirrorless system of the Alpha 57  brought with it. Due to my experience and the new camera system, my image result had increased enormously, which was noticeable in a noticeably higher number of customer inquiries.


Since 2020 I have been taking full-format photos with the Alpha 7 Mark 3, mainly in the field of people photography as well as in industrial & product photography. My current customer base includes people from all over Switzerland, southern Germany (Baden Württemberg region) and Austria (Vorarlberg region)  

After the photo shoot, all images are immediately transferred to a tablet, whereupon all desired images are immediately available in full resolution for individual image selection.

Payment for the selected images is made after selection via the card terminal, whereby all common EC and credit cards are possible.

The professional retouching of your selected images takes place exclusively in the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC and is realized through your individual design wishes. Every customer receives his selected pictures back via download link within 7 days after the shoot at the latest.

Fair prices

combined with excellent results - that's what I stand for
my name!


Every person is unique and the eyes of this person are the mirror to their soul, which I want to capture with my photography. Personally, I do NOT focus on the perfect measurements of the model, but on the charisma -

EVERYONE deserves the best possible results from their broadcast!  

NO BILD reaches my customers without them being satisfied with the result. Individual ideas and wishes of each individual customer are discussed and individually coordinated before, during and after the shoot.

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